Naone School Library Update

As many of you may or may not know, it can be challenging to get decent quality books into an outer-island school in Vanuatu. There are a lot of international book donation organizations, but very few of them even consider donations here. Plus, the book donations that do make it into the country tend to […]

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Disability in Vanuatu

Disability is very different in Vanuatu than it is in the US in many ways, but in other ways it is very similar (as should probably be expected). Many of the barriers disabled peoples in the States have fought long and hard battles to tear down are still standing strong here, or are just starting to be discussed. 

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Finish This Sentence: The one thing I wish Americans knew about my country of service is…

Every four months Peace Corps Volunteers are supposed to submit a report about what they are doing at site. Along with reporting what you activities you are doing at site, the report contains several questions that work try to get our thoughts and opinions as volunteers. One of these questions is: Finish this sentence: The […]

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Mother’s Union Day

September 8th is the annual Mother’s Union Day for the Anglican Church of Melanesia. For my Anglican village this is a very busy day of fundraising and entertainment. There was a quite of bit of preparation for the day. Different groups rehearsed for more than a week beforehand on the skits (choreographed group dances) that they wanted […]

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Reading Paul Farmer in Vanuatu

Farmer does not sugarcoat the issues either. He tells the reader, and the listeners when he is giving speaches, exactly what the issues are, as well as the potential solutions. He gives his proposals for how we can improve situations, as well as his often dour predictions to what will actually happen.

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Ambae Evacuees on Maewo

On August 4th Naone received their first share of the Ambae evacuees from the second evacuation from the island in less than 12 months. The evacuation from Ambae had already been going on for a day or two beforehand, but this was the day the majority of the evacuees that would come to stay in […]

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Exploring Santo: A Day at a Luganville Kindy

On Tuesday, August 28th I was invited by one of my Ni-Vanuatu sisters to go see how the kindergarten (kindy) she works at in Luganville runs. We left for the school, in the pouring rain, around 7am. The kindy is close to where we were staying in Luganville (I was sleeping in a house on the same property as the one she lives in), so we planned on walking. Due to the rain and mud we ended up jumping in a taxi after walking for about a block.

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Exploring Santo: World War II, America & Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a small island nation in the South Pacific that most Americans do not know exists (I did not even know it existed before Peace Corps sent me an interview request), but America helped shape Vanuatu into the place it is today in ways you cannot ignore even if you tried on Espiritu Santo. At the time Vanuatu was the New Hebrides, with the governments of France and Great Britain holding control simultaneously.

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